WOW…We’ve gone and done it at last !!! Manchester Drum Centre is now officially - DW DRUMS MAIN DEALER – in North West UK.
We’ve always had a good relationship with the Drum Workshop company having sold their hardware and the Design series kits for many years, but because of the old distribution arrangements we were never able to have access to the American made drums. All that has changed and we’re now stocking the top ranges as well, including Performance and Collectors series kits and snares.
Thanks to a much improved distribution network, the availability of DW Drums has never been so good. Customers now have quicker access to a range of pre-configured kits held in stock in Europe and we can check stock online. Your ideal DW kit could be yours within a matter of days.
Alternatively, if you want a bespoke kit, made to your exact requirements of shell construction and sizes, hardware finishes and colour etc., we can CUSTOM ORDER your Drum Workshop kit from the USA for you.
Why not come down and check the kits we currently have in stock ?
Manchester Drum Centre is now the ‘House of DW Drums’ in Manchester.
Tell us what would be your perfect DW kit.

Drum Centre Team
Drum Centre Team