Build & Tune Service

Why use our 'Build and Tune' Service?

When drum kits are packed at the factory, they are 'Russian Dolled' to save space for transport. That means that when they arrive and before they can be played, all the bits  have to be put together and and the drums tuned. Ever bought self assembly furniture? It's a bit like that but more technical and some kits don't even come with instructions!

Our Build and Tune Service takes the uncertainty out of assembling your new drum kit. We have many years experience of building and tuning drums and will make sure everything is just as it should be.

Firstly, we unpack the drums, heads and all the supplied parts to make sure nothing is missing. Then we inspect the condition of every piece as an extra check over what the manufacturer should have already done. If everything is in order, we assemble the drums and fit and tune the heads using modern tuning equipment such as Tune-bot.

Of course, now the individual drums are assembled, they won't fit back into their original boxes, so customers have 2 options when they buy a built and tuned kit  :-

Option 1. Have it delivered. We'll safely re-pack the drums into as few boxes as is practicable and arrange to ship the kit out to you with our courier. This is a much more costly service than option 2 as it reflects the work involved and the extra transport costs.

Option 2. Collect from us. Arrange with us a suitable day to call in to the store and collect your new kit. You can 'phone us on 0161 872 9777, or email Parking is available right outside the door and we'll help to load the kit in your car.

Please note, with both options you will be receiving individual drums, assembled and tuned, plus the stands etc. (if applicable). Our Build and Tune Service does not include setting up the kit in your home.

We do offer a bespoke in-home set up service from £40 plus travelling expenses. Please contact us if you would like a quotation.