LP Jam Tamb

Latin Percussion

LP Jam Tamb LP1207-T

LP introduces the Jam Tamb for drummers that hit hard and want an impressive and responsive tambourine sound in their arsenal. The Jam Tamb’s durable Jam Block design is equipped with six pairs of nickel-plated steel alloy jingles that projects a bright, powerful sound. The Jam Tamb is built with a rubber striking surface for great stick rebound or for comfortable hand playing.


  • 6 pairs of nickel-plated steel alloy jingles produces a bright sound that projects
  • Rubber surface for stick rebound and comfortable hand playing
  • The heavy duty LP Eyebolt Mounting bracket is included
  • Can be used on any 3/8” rod and with the LP Gajate Bracket
  • Great for a tambourine accent in any drum kit or percussion setup

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Category: LP

Type: Blocks

Vendor: LP

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