Vintage 1960's Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum


1960's vintage Ludwig Acrolite snare drum in average condition for it's age.

Keystone badge, serial number 185929 dates this drum as 1965 . There is no date stamp inside the shell.

All original hardware with the possible exception of the damper. We think the original 'Baseball Bat' damper may have been replaced with the later round knob version, but some drums were fitted with these from new. The throw off has some wear in the linkage and typical of this design, is not as smooth as it once was.

The shell shows the signs of constant gigging over the years, with many scratches. However, there are no dings or dents and the 'Acousti-Perfect' one piece beaded shell is in round.

The chromework is a little pitted, but not bad for a 50 year old drum.

This drum is fitted with Remo Ambassador heads top and bottom, and a new Pearl Ultra-Sound 20 strand snare wire. It tunes up well and sounds bright and crisp.

Collections: Used Snare Drums

Category: Ludwig, Vintage

Type: Snare Drums

Vendor: Ludwig

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